Tattoo Lettering

Old English lettering Tattoos are one of our most popular requested styles here at Captain Bret’s Tattoo Shop In Newport, RI.

 Although called Old English lettering, it is actually not correctly named. The font was mistakenly called "Old English" because of the incorrect belief that it was the font for Old English.

The truth is that Old English existed way before the font was even invented, and it was not the actual font style used in Old English writing.

The proper name for the font we call "Old English" is actually known as “BLACK-LETTER”. The Black-letter font first arrived in 12th century western Europe and was the font of choice for that era until the 16th century. Old English lettering tattoos are based on this Black-letter font.

Historically the Celts often used to have endless knots in their artwork. These knots had no start or end and these tattoos were worn to symbolize never-ending love, faith, or life. Often they would use the knots in lettering and this lettering is what is used today in Celtic tattoos. Celtic lettering also often incorporates animals and mythical creatures within the knots of the lettering.
Chopper Tattoo Have a Fantastic Selection of Tattoo Lettering styles and fonts - below is just a small sample of what they have on offer 

The use of tattoo as a symbol of something is become highly popular. If you have someone you love, you can feel easy to paint your body with their name. You can use tattoo to do that. Besides that, if you are a fan of something and you want to show off your respect, you can use tattoo and put the name of something on your body.

If you want to write someone names on your body, you can choose tattoo lettering. This is become one of the most popular tattoo choice that can be helpful to show our respect to someone or something. If you want to make it unique and attractive, you can combine it with beautiful flowers, animal, or another unique art design. The letter will be very interesting because the letter is come in a great art creation. It is very enjoyable for you when you are looking for the most appropriate letter for your tattoo design.

You can find many people who are interested in using tattoo because of its design. Tattoo also can be use for fashion. You can get the greatest fashion style when you are looking the perfect tattoo design. If you are looking for some information about tattoo, you can try to find it in the trusted sites. 

Medieval flame roll'','''' stil''og''Buffy the Vampire Slayer''er some of the many letters that tattoo styles. All fonts can be used known as a style of tattoo. Each tattoo artist has a set of styles that can not be the same for others. The only tattoo artists who specialize in hand-letters, traditional tattooists are trained in only a handful of styles

Most of the time persons think only of black and gray when it comes to tattoo lettering. It is possible to decide on colored script if your tattoo is really a light hearted one. In reality it may possibly appear greater having a little color in it. Once more you wish to discuss this along with your artist and ask their opinion. They're the artist and can possibly see things differently from you.
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